With the safety communication module Smart Safety Network (shortened SSN), PAJ has developed a complete new safety concept. The SSN is a data bus that can be used in safety systems. The basic idea of the SSN is to link safety systems in an easy and safe way. By use of the data bus technology the time and effort for wiring is reduced considerably – not only on the place of installation, but also in the electric control cabinet. Therefore you no longer need to replace the safety apparatus (safety relays) that are installed in the various machine parts, but just need to connect the single safety relays to each other through the SSN Network. The user achieves a cost saving way of reaching the highest safety level possible – however, only the safety level similar to the safety relays that are being used in the

network, can be achieved.

SSN 3501 & 3504


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The key features are


Up to 4 safety groups can be configured

No need for configurating software

Easy to install

Easy to extend

Up to 25 units can be connected in the network

Response time of the SSN-system: < 85 ms

Min. respons time at nominal voltage: < 50 ms

Manual monitored reset or monitored reset

LED indication of power on and dynamic signals

2 transistor outputs for status indication

Dual-channel structure of safety section                                                                                                       

Requirements for connected safety relay: Cut in < 250ms; cut out < 60ms                                           

International approvals by BG

Fulfills the requirements in, EN 954-1 up to and including Cat 4,            IEC 61508 up to and including SIL 3, EN 13849-1


The SSN system also makes it possible to build safety groups. Thereby it is possible only to turn off one part of a facility to carry out maintenance etc. The function of the rest of the facility will be maintained. In every group one or more SSN modules can be connected. Thereby every group can be evaluated separately.

The PAJ SSN require no IP address, no special knowledge, no special cables, no special tools and no IT personnel interfering with your project. These units are truly plug & play and work right out of the box. It’s as easy as Configure, Snap, Screw and Click.Configure the SSN simply via DIP switches – you only have to select which safety groups it has to react on, reset type and  stop configurations. Snap the SSN unit to your DIN rail. Screw in your power connections and the wires to monitor the safety module which is controlled by the SSN. Click in your ethernet cable and  That’s It – you are up and running in just minutes.


ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO13485 - IRIS - IEC61340-5-1 - IPC A-610 CLASS 3