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PAJ Group consist of the four business units EMS, Traffic, Sensors and Safety. All four units have research, development and production capabilities for own products by applying PAJ’s cross-functional mechatronic platforms. We are experienced within a broad range of technologies such as electronics & software, mechanics & casing, interfaces, robotics, fluid control, lasers & optics and sensors.


Development and manufacturing in all four areas share the same characteristics of very strict regulations and certifications – for example for our medical equipment or safety electronics. Human lives, the environment and large values can be in danger if our solutions are not living up to the specifications and strict quality demands. Additionally, our customers have high demands regarding lifetime and maintenance costs. We therefore have an uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects of our business.


Our quality control is according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Medico) and IRIS (Railway), while manufacturing is according to IPC A Class 3 and ICE 61340-5-1. Our consideration for the environment is ensured through the ISO 14001-certification.


ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO13485 - IRIS - IEC61340-5-1 - IPC A-610 CLASS 3


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